2022 EASTON ZZWAP Loaded USA/ASA Slowpitch Bat


 The ZZWAP and the Comic Bats unite with the power of Launch Comp Double Barrel technology, delivering a low barrel compression insane pop out of the wrapper. The 13” ZZWAP barrel and 2-piece ConneXion combine for a great feel in your hands throughout the swing. This ZZWAP has a Loaded Optimized Player Weighting providing a smooth swing weight while delivering maximum performance. It’s certified for play in USA and WBSC and has a 1 year warranty.


  • Launch Comp™ - High performance composite material provides insane pop in every swing
  • Double Barrel – Delivers low barrel compression and high performance directly out of the wrapper
  • 2-piece ConneXion™ – Eliminates vibration in the handle of the bat to provide best in class feel
  • Optimized Player Weighting – Loaded
  • 13” Barrel
  • Approved for play in USA, WBSC