2019 Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch (-11)


One of the best bats in Fastpitch is back and better than ever.

The LXT X19 Fastpitch bat from Louisville Slugger features VCX Technology that allows for independent movement between the barrel and the handle, controlling vibration and providing unparalleled feel on contact. An ultra-balanced swing weight puts the power of extreme control and swing speed in your hands. Designed with an ultra-lightweight X-Cap and Slugger Pro Comfort grip, you have more control than ever before. Louisville Slugger’s patented PBF Barrel Technology provides maximum pop right out of the wrapper and an expanded sweet spot.

Also available for customization at SluggerCustomBats.com, the 2019 LXT X19 bat is built in -12, -11, -10, -9 and -8 weight drops. The -10 model is designed for players seeking the ultimate combination of balance and power.

Control the game with the all-new LXT from Louisville Slugger.