2019 Demarini D-LAB CF-XD (-10) Fastpitch with Adjustable On Demand Technology


Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn't make it right. At D-LAB, we're writing the next chapter in bat technology with the 2018 CF-XD Fastpitch Bat. 
Our all-new Adjustable On Demand (AOD) Knob allows hitters to make in-game adjustments at the plate, either shortening or extending the bat length - depending on the situation. This means you maintain normal swing mechanics and mitigate power loss associated with removing your hands from the knob. Paired with our new Paraflex+ Composite and 3Fusion™ System, the technology in this bat pushes the limits further than ever before.
D-LAB is where R&D reigns free and Ray DeMarini’s vision comes alive. Where we defy norms on the daily with bats no one else is brave enough to build. Bats born in the D-LAB aren’t made for the masses, they’re made for the players ready to unlock potential even they didn’t know was possible.